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May 24, 2022

This week, we’ll chat with Tim Gruidl, president of Fishbowl Solutions, about how he partnered with power tool manufacturer, ECHO-USA, to improve their live chat, leading to an overall improvement in customer experience. Last year, as more people were working from home and wanted to look out of their windows to see well-manicured yards, ECHO’s customer load increased by more than 300%. This increased volume meant that getting to a human agent was problematic. Yet, the company’s live chat support channel was underutilized. With the help of Fishbowl Solutions, ECHO implemented Oracle Digital Assistant, integrating it with the company’s existing Oracle B2B Service application. Customers can now find the live chat easily and receive the most relevant answer via the B2B Service knowledgebase, using AI to improve results over time, and be transferred to a live agent, if needed. As a result, ECHO has been able to expedite resolutions, reduce customer support costs, and significantly improve the overall customer support experience.