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Jul 26, 2022

Schrack Seconet is a leading international supplier of fire protection, healthcare, and security solutions based in Vienna, Austria. The company services its equipment and systems using a team of 330 technicians located in six branch offices throughout the country. Previously, Schrack Seconet used spreadsheets to schedule these technicians; a task that was becoming more time consuming as the company manually coordinated travel distances, appointment times, staff qualifications, and material consumption. To improve communication and automate its processes, Schrack Seconet partnered with primeone business solutions. Schrack Seconet was looking for a cloud solution that would centralize its data and enable them to achieve real-time coordination across branches, warehouses, technicians, service partners, and customers. Martin Veren, CEO and founder of primeone, talks about their Oracle Fusion Cloud Field Service deployment, from proof of concept through Phase One, as well as the company’s plans for a full deployment.