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May 10, 2022

This week, we travel to Mexico, for an inside look at a digital transformation at Vesta, a real estate development company offering sustainable solutions. Founded in 1998, Vesta had been managing its business using excel spreadsheets and homegrown systems to manage their portfolio of more than 240 properties. This process meant siloed data, slow response time and data loss.

We’ll be joined by Sury Balasubramanian, CEO of Gaea and Christian Medina, Director, Professional Services of Gaea to learn how the move to Oracle Cloud gave Vesta the capability to consolidate multiple systems for planning, scheduling, and invoicing in a single platform, providing staff in each facility to have full access and visibility to real-time updates, operations, finances and closed deals. And as an important benefit, the move to Oracle Primavera Unifier Cloud supports the company’s future expansion plans.